Trip to Kenilworth Castle

Published on 8 January 2022 at 16:00


We stumbled upon this amazing castle on one of our many road trips. We just had to take a look around. Found in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 


The history 

John of Gaunt rebuilt many of the Palace's foundations up to become a Castle back in 1359. Many Lancastrian Kings resided here over the years. In 1563, work began on an extension to the Castle for Queen Elizabeth I, her stay at the Castle also invited the pleasant building of her very own gardens. Being able to walk these gardens still, was very picturesque indeed. They are beautifully kept. 


Built in the 1570s, the imposing castle entrance was transformed into a private house after 1650. Today you can see how it looked when the last caretaker left in the late 1930s.


John of Gaunt's Great Hall was one of the finest of its kind and at the cutting edge of 14th century architectural design. Built to reinforce Kenilworth's position of power and wealth it played host to medieval monarchs and Tudor kings.


At the end of the Civil War in 1649, orders were issued for the destruction of the Castle by Parliament. Glimpse the queen's private staircase, and the long gallery where she could have private time with her most intimate friends. In 1575 these rooms were luxurious, elegant and flooded with light from enormous glass windows.



The remains

Much of the Castle has disappeared over the decades, now just some foundations and high outside walls are left standing.


My favourite part was being able to walk around where the Great Hall would have been, you can see where fireplaces were in the walls and the extremely large windows too, it's quite something.



Our visit

The Castle remains are classed as an English Heritage site now and it is a recommended visit. We are lucky enough to be members of the EH but prices are £12.60 per adult if booked in advance and £7.60 per child. Family prices of two adults and up to 3 children is £32.80.



We put our wristbands on and headed toward the Castle. I just couldn't wait to explore. It was lovely to read all the informative boards around the ruins with lots of photo worthy opportunities. 


There are toilets at the site, a tea room and a gift shop. We climbed so many stairs to reach some great heights with amazing views and lots of little dark walk ways to explore too. It was really interesting. A car park is also provided. 


Do you have a favourite Castle? Are you interested in any historical figures?

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Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

When I finally get to visit and/or move back to the UK, I would love to visit Kenilworth Castle. It seems like such a nice day to explore and enjoy the scenery and history.

Molly |

2 years ago

It really is lovely, we literally didn't have this stop planned and what a pleasant find it was. Beautiful.

2 years ago

I love castles and wish I had more time to visit them, one of my favourites is Caernarfon castle x

2 years ago

Never visited caernarfon Castle! Would absolutely love to though. As mentioned, we are now part of the English Heritage club so more trips like this will be coming my way x