What I don't like but others go mad for

Published on 12 November 2021 at 09:28


I have a feeling my opinions in this post might ruffle some feathers but that's why I created this blog, to vent my own opinions. As always, comments are welcome. 


Here I describe a few things that I don't particularly care for but I know others go mad for:



I think this is down to one of those crazes that I didn't want to be a part of. I know that everyone has this app but I don't want to even go there. I understand it's where photos can be swapped, but surely that's what WhatsApp and Instagram is for? I have done research on this app and to me it doesn't sound very secure, even when setting how many seconds the receiver can view your photo. There is also the fact that people can request to be added to your friends list whom you do not know. Pros and cons I guess like every social media app. Are you a social media fan? Or completely against it? 


The walking dead

There are 11 seasons of this box set available, but I stopped watching at number 8. The continuous efforts of survivors encountering bad things after bad things got boring, there was a feud that got out of control more than it needed to and if you're about to start watching, my only advice would be don't get too attached to a character. It was made well and it had me on the edge of my seat sometimes but I fell out of love with it and won't be returning to it anytime soon. 


Long hair obsession

I have short hair and I remember when I made that decision to cut it short for good, I've never looked back. It was when I was 22, I had a professional job and I wanted to look more sophisticated. But so many people over the years have said I should grow it again, I just can't understand why. In my opinion I think long hair on some grown ladies makes them look like little girls. And I personally could not maintain long hair, right now. I get up, put some wax in my hair and away I go. The knots in longer hair must take ages to brush out and drying it after washing must be time consuming. Mine dries in less than 3 minutes. It's easy maintenance. 



It has never enticed me enough to warrant even trying. The sight doesn't look very appetising nor does the smell if I'm honest. 

I also don't eat fish, none of it, I know, 'fussy pants' you're saying but it's the fishy taste it leaves behind that has made my mind up. So why do people go mad for seafood? One person explained to me, the fresher the cockles or mussels are, the bigger the difference. It's the unusual variety of it that makes people interested. But it's definitely not for me. Do you eat seafood? Do you have a favourite?


Photo from Unsplash 


Turkish delight 

I have never liked this chocolate covered jelly thing! I tasted it once and have never eaten it since. Just the thought alone makes me feel quite queasy. There is nothing worse for me than tucking into a box of chocolates and I mistakenly take a bite of the turkish delight, ugh! And I can't really describe it, maybe comparing it to eating soap comes to mind. 



As a bit of a car lover, and a believer in 'street-cred', personally I dislike mini coopers a lot! I just can't quite fathom why they were built. I have had the unfortunate opportunity of being a passenger in one and I can't say it was a good experience. The seats aren't particularly comfy. The suspension is rock hard meaning any tiny bump in the road felt like we were driving over high kerbs. And I really dislike the interior, with its circled dash and centre panel, trying to be all hip. There literally is no boot either. And externally, I don't like a single thing. I have driven one too, so I can even this up, now there was only one thing I can say I liked, that power! It moves. If you drive a Mini please enlighten me with why?




To me cats are evil, they're scatty and fierce. They are unpredictable and that worries me. They could be loving one second and then scratch at you with their claws out the next. I have been scratched a few times because of this very particular point, one minute I was playing with it and the next - swipe! Right across my hand. It's the way they walk with the attitude of 'I own everything in this house' and the way they can just stare at you for ages. I usually steer clear of my friend's cat and every cat for that fact, definitely not a pet I'd own anyway.


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Greg Gorman
3 years ago

So, I think minis are practical for space. I don’t own one. I have a big family, so it’s minivans until further notice. I like Turkish delight and my cat kills the mice and pests around the house and property. With you on seafood, though. Blech!!!

3 years ago

Hi Greg, thank you for your comments. I'm so glad we can agree on the seafood. Thankfully I dont have a mice problem, but it sounds like your cat is the expert if I did.

3 years ago

I agree with you on all but cats, long hair and mints. I'm more of a dog-person but nothing against cats. I like having long hair, can't wait for mine to grow. Don't understand Snapchat at all, don't know what all the fuss is about!

3 years ago

I thought you put mints sorry 😂

3 years ago

Hi ami, thank you for your comments. Yes I'm definitely a dog lover too, we are on the waiting list now for a gorgeous terrier hopefully eeeekk x