My Autumn Survival Guide

Published on 28 October 2021 at 18:16

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Autumn to me summed up is darker and colder evenings, twinkly lights, blankets and a log fire in the background, I wish I had one of those myself, I'd love it, but let's not forget about taking care of ourselves this autumn, now, I'm not a health blogger so you won't be reading anything like that in this post but I'm going to let you in on my routine for a pamper evening. 



First things first 

I pour a glass of pinot grigio (my only go-to wine) and take this to the bathroom with me. I'm not a big alcohol drinker so this is my once a week glass I treat myself to. After sinking into a bubble bath and quite possibly nodding off once or twice, I'm getting myself dressed into my warmest pj's, fluffy slipper socks and putting on my favourite fluffy dressing gown. Do you prefer red/white/rose wine? 


Setting the ambience 

I like to set a calming ambience and light a couple of candles dotted around the living room. At this point I look at my hands, I try to look after them more often, especially with the colder days creeping in, so I use my favourite hand cream making sure to massage all the joints and concentrating on my nail cuticles too.



Talking of nails, here are some of my favourite autumn colours:



It's also good to take care of your lips, I use nivea lip balm. It's never let me down and really makes a difference.




Next thing is to organise some snacks to settle down with. First thing on the list is of course chocolate. Recently my daughter and I have started melting chocolate and dipping marshmallows and grapes in it. It can get a little messy though and I am usually found with chocolate drips on my fluffy dressing gown #sadface. 


Other snacks would be tortilla crisps with a dip and popcorn, sweet not salted.



Snuggling up

You can't beat lazy time on the sofa wrapped up under a warm blanket. That cozy feeling that encourages good endorphins. Creating warmth is my key to an ideal autumn evening. Here are some beautiful throws available now:


Available at Dunelm

Available at Amazon

Available at The Range


Recommended chick flicks

Time to put my ultimate go-to movie on, dirty dancing. I love the music, the storyline and of course the dancing. Here are a few other feel-good movies I enjoy watching:


Coyote ugly

Never been kissed

13 going on 30

Cocktail (Tom cruise) (1988)



And that's how I spend most Friday evenings at this time of the year, the best start to a weekend. 


What's your Autumnal survival plan?

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Mind Beauty Simplicity
3 years ago

13 going on 30 is such a classic! love all these self care ideas for autumn. thanks for sharing.

Charlotte Birchall
3 years ago

There are so amazing things in this post that will help me with the Autumn months. I love a nice blanket to snuggle in whilst watching a great film. Thank you for sharing this post.

3 years ago

Thank you for your kind comments, it's getting colder isn't it, some beautiful blankets available in places now.