A round up of my Birthday

Published on 16 October 2021 at 14:27


I've dragged this birthday out a bit, but that's ok isn't it? It fell on a Tuesday which was a bit of a shoddy day for it to be on. But I booked the whole week off not only because I didn't want to be at work on the day but because I think no-one should have to work on their birthday, feels like a proper celebration then.


Saturday 2nd October 


We went to London, caught an early train from home and arrived in Euston at 10.45am. Heading straight to our first stop at the Embankment where we stopped for something to eat before visiting the London Eye, we had booked our tickets in advance for this, my daughter had never been on it so it was her first experience. Her little face lit up whilst up high above the buildings, I was pointing out all the usual landmarks including Buckingham Palace, the BT Tower, the 'cheese grater' aka the Leadenhall Building and of course St Paul's Cathedral.



Next stop Oxford Circus, the aim was Hamleys, the big toy store, my daughter is always so excited to visit here. It's such an amazing, overwhelming store. With something for everyone over 7 floors, it's a recommended visit.



We followed this with a visit to the M&M store. Yes the multi coloured chocolates and peanuts in a shell. You can not believe the experience of this until you see it with your own eyes, the store itself is never ending with floors of goodies and then there's the sweets themselves. Container after container of M&M'S and in every colour of the rainbow imaginable. 


I bought a pen, some playing cards, bags of M&M’s obviously and look how cute this yellow man is.



Tuesday 5th October 


Today is the day, still having to wake early to do the school run, and with nothing planned, the day was a rather uneventful one. I popped to my local shop to buy some lunch and a naughty toffee sundae afterwards and chilled watching Netflix. Thankfully I received some kind birthday wishes to read through on social media throughout the day and also had a delivery of a bouquet of flowers from work to keep me going. 


After my last school run of the day we headed to my parents house where lots of gifts, cards and the rest of my family were waiting. Now it felt like my birthday. I opened some lovely presents and ate a superb tea my mum put on and blew candles out on my cake. I just have to show you one of my gifts from my mummy and daddy, I love Snoopy as well, I am so chuffed with this!



Wednesday 6th October 


Another day of Netflix and chill, catching up on some blog writing too. Whilst getting a little hungry I discovered Greggs on Deliveroo. So naturally I clicked on the meal deal and 50 minutes later my lunch had arrived.



Friday 8th October 


Well this one is not for my birthday but it's still something I had been really looking forward to. I bought my mum theatre tickets for her birthday in July. We went to see Chicago at the local theatre. We have wanted to see this show for many years now and just never had the chance to watch it at the west end. It was spectacular, the singing and dancing was brilliant. We really enjoyed the show. 


Saturday 9th October 


My partner had booked us in for a night away, as much as that sounds romantic, there was a hidden agenda, I'm a bit of an airplane geek, in that I rather get a thrill from watching the planes take off and land. He had booked us at a hotel near Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, getting close enough to hear the roaring of their engines. I could sit and watch all day long, and for the most part of the afternoon that's exactly what we did. 


Evening meal


Included in the stay was an evening meal with one drink, of course a nice glass of wine was ordered for me. The hotel staff here was so friendly and the food that night was delicious. Bbq chicken for me and steak for my partner, followed by meringue kisses for dessert, they were really good. We then went to the terrace of the hotel to watch some planes take off at dark time.





Breakfast was also included and it's always a thing we look forward to. It rounds off the stay so completely. It happened to be a help yourself buffet style too, as much as you want. The variety was surprising. Everything we had again was tasty, no complaints from us at all. 


Are you flying off to anywhere in the next couple of months? Who's the best airline in your experience?

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