8 Steps you should know when moving home

Published on 24 September 2021 at 09:16


(UK only) I work in this industry and I hear the words 'it's our first time' or 'I haven't moved for 30 years' rather a lot. So I completely understand where worries and anxiety come from when moving into a new home. I thought I would share with you my words of experience:


Seek financial advice 

Whether you're a first time buyer or hoping to move again, always speak to a financial/mortgage advisor first before setting your heart on a new home. Once you know if you can be accepted by a Lender, it's a step closer to the goal.


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Search the market

Now you can start the search for endless houses for sale on the market. Book to view them and get to know the area too. You are the only one who knows what you want so don't be sidelined by an Agent or anyone else. 


Finding a law firm

This is an important step, Solicitors/Conveyancers are required to do all the legal side of things to legally make the house yours. Their job is highly important and they set out with the best intentions for you. Do your own research and request quotations, don't always go with the Agents' referred company. 


Paying out for so much

This is the part no one tells you in advance. At the beginning you will be required to pay out for a valuation on the house you want to buy. This will be on behalf of your mortgage company. 


You may also be required to make a small payment to your Solicitor/Conveyancer at the beginning of the transaction.


If you are selling your home, in some cases you may be required to pay for an Energy Performance Certificate. Check out this link for more information:



Some removal companies might require a deposit upfront too. 



Every item you own big or small means something to you, so pack things wisely. No, glass items can not go at the bottom of the same box you plan to put dinner plates on top of. And label everything, I usually label boxes by the room that they need to go in at the other end, in the hope they will end up near where they're meant to be.


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I know how you feel, patience isn't a big thing of mine either but you must place all your trust in your legal team. Things ARE happening behind the scenes even if it doesn't seem like it. You are not the only client in the world and you do not have priority over anyone else. You will receive an update when there is something to update you with. 


Calls to make prior to completion 

When your transaction is getting close to suggesting completion dates, now is the time to arrange some important changes:


  • Life insurance quotations - you will most likely be advised of this by your mortgage advisor, but this is a must before owning a home. Even if you haven't, get some quotes and act on them soon. 
  • Installation of your cable company - having made this mistake in the past, check that your new home can actually receive your nominated company's signal you want to go with. 
  • Local GP surgery - I know it seems small but it's actually a big deal, they take on only a handful of new patients a couple of times a year, you may have to wait. But better knowing this than worrying later. 
  • Royal mail - redirecting your mail pays off, especially if you know you are expecting to receive something urgent. 


Moving day

If you are selling your home, the keys should be left at the Agents office, unless other arrangements have been made prior to today. And vice versa, if you are a Buyer, you should be able to collect your keys from the Agents office. Now, you will not be able to physically have them until you have received that verbal confirmation of completion (usually from your legal team). 

Please note: do not worry if this confirmation is not heard until later in the day. That is perfectly normal. 


Hopefully you have organised some sort of cleaning for the new Buyers in your old home. A tidy up and a wipe of down. It is just purely a respectful act of kindness. 


Removal vans all packed, keys collected and you're standing outside your new front door, take in this moment and feel proud. 


Good luck to those who are either in the process of moving right now or thinking about doing just that. Hope these steps helped.


There are lots of moving horror stories but do you have a great moving day moment that has stayed with you?

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Izzy Matias
3 years ago

I'm not from the UK, but it's a place I dreamt of owning a house one day, so this post contains lots of new information and good tips about what to do when moving into a house in the UK. Thank you!

3 years ago

Hi izzy, thank you for your comments. I just thought I would share my knowledge as it can be quite a stressful time moving home. I hope your move to the UK eventually will be a good one x

Charlotte Birchall
3 years ago

This is a great post. I am starting to think about moving house. Thank you for sharing your tips. I will be saved this post to keep checking.

3 years ago

Hey Charlotte, thank you for comments. I'm glad I could help and also good luck with your move x

2 years ago

Awesome advice! Home buying can be so stressful so these tips are so helpful!

2 years ago

Thank you Amanda, I felt I needed to share my experience and knowledge