My Wisdom Tooth Update

Published on 15 June 2021 at 11:35

I thought I would give you all an update as to how I got on.


About 6 weeks ago I told my dentist I hadn't heard anything regarding the referral yet, so he decided to try and get a good x-ray on it to see what he could do. He managed it and told me he could actually take the tooth out himself & that I should book an appointment to see him and go with whatever appointment arrives first, 8th June was picked, it was now just a nervous wait. 


It's here


I still didn't receive an appointment from the surgery so back to my own dentist it was, my appointment was not until after work so I got through my day but was thinking about the extraction a lot. I was telling everyone as much as I could just because I wanted sympathy really. But in my head it's also not a normal tooth extraction, this was a wisdom tooth, the most rooted and problematic tooth in the mouth. Also if there were any complications, stitches could be involved. 


Feeling my breathing quicken, I got in the chair. He injected the anaesthetic which is a gross taste and waited about a minute before starting the extraction. I told him I was worried because my face hadn't gone numb yet, usually the whole side of my face would go numb and I couldn't move my lips to talk. I was still able to talk. He said it had all worked and to try anyway. I was getting more nervous and upset by this point. He tested away and I could not feel anything so I was satisfied the anesthetic had worked.




I would say he was pulling at the tooth for roughly 2 to 3 minutes, but for me it felt like 20 minutes, it was a little traumatic to be honest. The tooth was finally free and he confirmed no complications were present, I even got offered a peek at the tooth, the hole in it was big, I was surprised. Homeward bound I went to spend the evening just resting up. 


So glad it went well and a week later I am not eating on that side just to make sure it can heal correctly. 


I made it through yayyyyy! 


If you have had something similar done, how long did your recovery take?

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