Wisdom tooth pain

Published on 20 April 2021 at 17:30

Owww! It hurts so much, a year ago I had my very first wisdom tooth extraction, which to me was a big deal along with my own anxiety about it & the dentist advising me I might have to have stitches after too, I was not in the frame of mind to think this is normal.


I imagined all sorts of scenarios in my head. The main contributor was that the extraction had to be done at a minor surgery clinic rather than my own dentist. 


Waiting for that appointment to come through the post was horrible, as I was still in pain. I was prescribed two sets of antibiotics throughout the flare up & numerous amounts of painkillers to be taken. It had to come out because I had a hole in it, hence all the pain. 


Thankfully when the day came all went well, no stitches. There was slight discomfort for a few days after but it was finally over. 


I can only inform you of what pain relief helped me, everyone has their own experience and advice. My routine would be two paracetamol before bed, a thorough clean of the teeth and a rinse with mouthwash. I would do a hot water bottle for the side of my face also, just trying to get through a decent night's sleep was the worst.


Currently, I am going through all the same pain again, a different wisdom tooth has also got a hole in it, what are the odds? Just waiting on yet another appointment for extraction again. I'm still nervous even though I know what to expect. I have however found a new pain relief this time. It's Orajel, a dental gel that actually numbs your gum, it doesn't taste very nice but it works for me, £3.69 available from Boots. So that has become part of my night time routine now. 


I will keep you all updated 😞

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