Boobsweat is no joke!

Published on 6 July 2023 at 16:08

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That moment you feel a bit of a burning sensation right under your boob, the itchiness it causes throughout the day and that damp bra you take off at the end of your day.  If you haven't experienced this then you are so lucky, if you have, I share your pain, boobsweat is a real condition but it is also unpreventable. Sweaty boobs are 100% natural, unfortunately, those who are more endowed are at a higher risk of experiencing it.


It is caused when chafing or rubbing of a material mixes with the body’s natural moisture. It’s all about the lack of airflow in a very sensitive area.


I suffer from underboob sweat, to the point where, if it is not treated straight away, can become so sore that I find wearing my bra too painful.


What happens


An itchy, sore red rash, leads to broken skin and in some cases, infection. 


The Science

Apocrine glands are responsible for pheromonal odors, they secrete a small amount of odourless oily fluid to the surface of the skin.  The odour that may occur, is due to the bacteria.


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Remedies to help


Thankfully there are some easy remedies available and some advice you can use:-


Drying powder - Femfresh have their very own body powder for intimate hygiene.



  Johnsons have their own baby powder.



Loose fitting tops - Let the air circulate when hotter days arrive.  Avoid tight fitting tops.

Creams - Chafing cream from Amazon £12.53.



Bepanthen cream, I find this the most effective thing to use when the rash appears.


Changing your bra regularly - If you are sweating, it's particularly important to change out of that bra and into a fresh one.  Avoid using any deodorant sprays in that area.



With hopefully another hot Summer to experience here in the UK, this post has got you all prepared with protective measures, for one less thing to worry about.


Can you offer any tips you use, to keep your boobsweat under control?


How often do you think we should go and get measured for a correct sized bra?


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9 months ago

I never knew Femfresh had their own body powder, I need to get my hands on it to control the boob sweat in the Summer! x

Lucy |

8 months ago

It makes me happy I have brought this to your attention Lucy, good luck.

Lauren - bournemouthgirl
9 months ago

Yes I can relate and it can be so frustrating especially in the Summer months. My mum buys this medicated talc and it is really helpful. I didn’t realise fem fresh did a powder. Thank you for sharing the science behind it.

8 months ago

Ah that sounds rather interesting, could you share with us the name of that talc? Thanks for reading x

9 months ago

I personally haven’t experienced this particular problem, but the sensation of skin irritation caused by sweat and heat is relatable for sure. Now this might sound weird, but one thing that seems to work for someone I know who suffers this problem is wearing a soft cotton top underneath your bra. That kind of reduces the chafing and therefore the soreness and irritation.

8 months ago

This does sound like a problem solution, however more layers creates more heat, more heat more sweat. But it is worth a try anyway, thanks for reading Ray

Transatlantic Notes
8 months ago

Boob sweat is plaguing me right now as we've had some serious heat and record humidity in my area. I have been using a cream to treat it but will try out some things to prevent it too. It's so annoying and painful — thanks for the tips!

Molly |

7 months ago

It is annoying, it hurts if you let it get too far without treating it too. Just another thing to worry about. Thanks so much for sharing your experience here too x

8 months ago

Thank goodness I don't have boobs big enough for boob sweat!

Corinne x

7 months ago

In the majority of cases larger boobs can cause it. But also those who are not wearing the right bra too. Whether big or small.