Getting to know Spotify

Published on 19 May 2022 at 12:03


I'm assuming I am not the only one who uses Spotify? But for those who are new to it, here is a run down of why I think it's one of the best apps I have on my phone. 


What is Spotify? 

Founded in 2006, it is now one of the largest music streaming providers. It works well with iPhone and all android mobiles. There are endless lists of songs, albums and podcasts. Not to mention new recommended artists for you to listen to and add to your lists. 


How to use the app


  • Download the app
  • Set up an account. It is £9.99 a month or if you don't want to pay that's fine but you will have adverts pop up in between tracks. 
  • Choose the genres of music you love  
  • Download an album and listen to your heart's content
  • You can make your own playlists by downloading a new track and adding it to your named list. 


When searching for some artists information will appear to have a read with some interesting facts you may not know. There will also be some suggestions for similar artists you have not heard of before.  


When you've used it for a while, Spotify will recommend a 'daily mix' with the artists you have listened to. 


My own playlists

I literally have these playlists on all the time. I created two with some of my greatest tunes on them:


Summer Hits






Mood choices 

Do you need a mood booster of a playlist? Spotify has you covered. With feel good Fridays, energy boost pop or even a wake up happy playlist, you are sure to find the perfect blend of tracks. 



Ever watched a series on Netflix and thought the soundtrack was awesome, you'd like to listen to that? Yep, you've guessed it, Spotify has just that! All the latest releases are available to listen and download including:


Emily in Paris 

Inventing Anna

After life

Cobra Kai

The Adam Project



Spotify has a very clever algorithm, it's kept updated and it's very easy to use. I hope you enjoyed my rundown on how to use the app and happy singing readers. 


Do you have one particular favourite song ever? Or too many to write about? 


If you could have your favourite artist round for a cuppa, who would it be?

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2 years ago

Maybe it is time I joined as fed up with the adverts haha. Great article!

2 years ago

Oh definitely Jamie, really makes a difference. And tha k you for reading

2 years ago

I like how we can look for series' soundtrack after watching them. I've been listening to The Bold Type playlist and absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing x

2 years ago

I had only recently seen this option available myself and I'm obsessed now. Thank you for commenting

Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

I got rid of my Spotify last year but it was a great way to keep all the music I like in one place; especially as I have such an eclectic taste!

2 years ago

Oh it's amazing isn't it, literally any genre is available. Thanks for reading Molly