How Superstitious Are We?

Published on 21 April 2022 at 09:41


Did you know, some hotels won't label their 13th floor 'the 13th floor' because of the bad luck superstition, most footballers touch to kiss the pitch before they play for good luck and that an itchy left hand is not a good thing. 


Billions of people believe in a superstition across the world. A quick knock on wood or keeping our fingers crossed, costs less than a potential consequence. You may not know you’re doing it but it is happening.



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What is being superstitious? 

People who believe in superstition, believe in things that may not be possible, or things that lead to bad luck. Maybe it's a fear of the unknown. 


There only 3 superstitions I believe in and use daily:


Never walk over 3 drains



Don't let a black cat cross your path


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Don't walk under ladders 


You've heard that if you break a mirror you bring on 7 years of bad luck?

Back in folklore, a person's reflection in a mirror was thought to be connected to a piece of the person's soul. 


In Iceland, there's a local superstition that knitting on your doorstep will keep the frozen temperatures around for longer.


Ever 'touched wood' when thinking about preventing things from happening? 


I think we all do something, whether it be small or big gestures, we have to agree we believe in some sort of superstition. Have you been influenced by older generations maybe? Has it been ingrained in you too?


Something else I believe in

I actually dislike Friday 13th, I rarely plan anything on this date. I just believe in that superstition - danger and unlucky, thankfully it doesn't happen that often. 


Can superstition be good for us? 

Some people find they have a specific item which brings them good luck, others do things to warn evil away and there are those who actually don't have a belief in superstition, and that maybe we make our own choices through life, whether they are good ones or bad, we are following a path that has already been chosen. 


Believing in superstition can ease anxiety and insecurities for some people. And it may be a case that once used, you don't want to tempt fate and not use it again. The key is paying attention to our own way of thinking.



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So believing in something that may or may not have been actually proven, is down to the individual I guess. If it gets you through then carry on. 


Do you believe? 


I have read that every country has their own beliefs in superstition, what's yours?

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Rocking Specter
2 years ago

We are quite superstitious. During baseball season, one of our friends where the same thing when the Red Sox play certain teams!

2 years ago

Yes! It is the smallest of believes that make superstition alive even now.

Thrift Plan Enjoy
2 years ago

I must admit, I am superstitious. But less than I used to be. These are great ones you've discussed in the post.

2 years ago

Thank you for reading and your comments, good to hear.

Riyah Speaks
2 years ago

I’m not too superstitious, but I did grow up learning to not walk on the left side of the pole or going under the ladder.

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your superstitions too, I'm totally with you about the ladder one

2 years ago

I won’t walk under a ladder or lol in the mirror after 3am lol whatever might be there is fine I just don’t want to see it, hah. I have a black cat but he only walks by when he wants treats hah so he’s no threat.

2 years ago

I've not heard about the mirror after 3am, it just goes to show there are so many beliefs out there and every one completely different