The Best Apps for travelling the UK

Published on 27 January 2022 at 09:04


Have you been to an unknown town before and wondered where the nearest bus stop was? I bet you wish you knew what I'm about to share with you beforehand! 


I am sharing some of the best available travel apps that have been tried and tested. Some that have also helped out in the middle of nowhere. 


I will be marking the apps out of 5, 5 being fantastic download it now!



This is a very reliable and trustworthy app. It's a navigation app, easy to download and comes as standard on many navigational systems.



Here are the positives


  • You can add information along your journey for other Waze users ahead, such as an accident, a traffic queue or simply a mobile speed camera. 
  • It will automatically reroute you the most expedient way if there is an accident or road closure ahead. Best of all this route will usually be one that others are not diverted to. 
  • There are real fun themes to reflect your mood. For example; at Christmas you can pretend to be Santa, some computer games are used like Halo or Fortnite. 
  • You can customise a voice directing you to your destination, including some celebrities.




  • Speed cameras are not always updated
  • This does rely on a data connection 
  • It has to be instructed to avoid Toll Roads, it is not automatic. 


My score… 4.5/5

Trainline app


This app is a portal for booking train tickets in the UK only. A fantastic way of taking a chunk of stress out of train journeys.





  • It shows you the best prices of all tickets available, saving you a lot of cash. The further in advance you can book your tickets the more you will save with this app. 
  • You can set up your favourite stations. If you use the trains a lot and specifically the same stations, this allows you to set up 
  • You can set a 'wake you' alarm. Alerting you when your station is near or close by. 
  • This app will find where you are and will tell you how to get to your nearest train station. 
  • The tickets are stored on the app electronically and this is all you will need to show at the station. 




  • The app can be a bit slow.
  • Does not always show the fastest routes 
  • Not all tickets are available on the app, if you book them you may have to collect them at the station. 
  • It's not always clear as to whether it's a flexible ticket. Sometimes it only allows booking for particular times. 


My score… 4/5

London underground app


An app that helps you circumnavigate the boggling world of the London tube system. Simply type in where you are and where you wish to go and hey presto all stations and all routes will appear. 




  • The app is interactive. You tell it where and when




  • You will need to have data and clear phone signal 
  • Having your phone out whilst navigating can be a bit unnerving. 


My score is... 3/5

Travel line app


This app is a useful overview allowing you to get from point A to point B using public transport across the UK. 




  • This app is kept up to date
  • It is quick




  • It is a basic instructed app, there is no elaboration. 


My score is…3.5/5

UK bus checker



This will inform you of your nearest bus stops and stations. Between this app and the Travel Line app, I prefer the Travel line app. 




  • It's quick and accurate 
  • It will show your entire route ahead


Some negatives are:


  • It does not show prices
  • Due to the pandemic it's not always 100% reliable. 


My score is… 3/5

Google Maps


Personally my complete favourite. This is a navigation app and can be used for every mode of getting somewhere, walking, bus or driving.





  • It will run a live augmentation of your journey 
  • It is highly accurate 
  • Rather than having your phone out and to feel safer, this app will run live through Bluetooth 




  • You may find it will use a lot of battery life on your phone
  • It can have a tendency to crash, it may need rebooting 


My score… 4.5/5 


Do you use any of these apps? 


How often do you use public transport?

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2 years ago

Google Maps and Waze are my go to apps for travel. The boy band feature on wave is hilarious!! Although a little annoying after a while. I was singing for ages afterwards haha

2 years ago

Haha yes I sing too 🎶

I'm glad I'm not the only one x

Fadima Mooneira
2 years ago

I have Waze in my mobile. It’s balão useful in Malaysia. I should download UK Bus and Trainline if I travel to UK again in the future. Thank you for sharing this information.

2 years ago

You're welcome and thank you for commenting. Waze is definitely out of this world in terms of all what it comes with. Lots of bits to play with.

2 years ago

Great suggestions! It’s always useful to have apps to help navigate travel. I use Waze all the time and love it, I don’t think I could get anywhere without it!