How not to fall asleep at your desk

Published on 6 January 2022 at 10:13


This is my first full post in the year 2022. Christmas came and went so quickly but it was a lovely time spent with my loved ones and I hope you had a nice one too. So with that being said, it's back to work for many of us (me) and if January is a particularly slow month in your line of work, I think I can help. 


Ever got to that point in your working day when there's just nothing left to do? But more hours ahead before you can go home.  Or how about just feeling tired and it's a quiet one, not much going on? Below are 10 tips to help reduce any boredom or fill some time:


1. Make a drink

Whether it be for a nice cuppa or coffee or just a glass of water, make time to ask around if anyone else would like one too. There's always time for a drink, we all know we need to keep on top of our daily fluid intake too.



2. Have conversations

Even the smallest of topics can be discussed, the weather, last nights tv or what you’ll be wearing for the next Work get together. As long as no one else is busy and may not be able to talk, why not engage in conversations. Not only is talking to others important for growth and connection, but it allows for a more affable atmosphere. It's so easy to let hours go by and no one has said anything, I know that has happened to me.


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3. A toilet break

Just to make an effort to get up out of your chair and away from your desk, visit the toilet. Doing this essential chore can take as long or as little as is necessary, and no one would question this. Unless you fall asleep on the toilet of course. 


4. Shopping to do? 

I don't know about you but I can't go food shopping unless I have a list in my hand. And with some time on your side you can make an extra long one. The list doesn't even need to be for food, maybe a birthday is approaching, you could write out your wish list or even better, present ideas for other people. 


5. Help 

Ask your colleagues if they need any help with something. There is always stuff to be done big or small, you're all working for the same company and want the company to do well. And asking others will be gratefully received too.



6. Update your CV

Is your Curriculum Vitae up to date? This is the time to check and read through it. You may not need it now but it's good housekeeping to regularly check it and sometimes add bits too. 


7. Tidy up

I have often forgotten or misplaced a lot of things in and around my desk and you just know you are going to need that specific item right when you're busy or even worse in a hurry. Do you have a drawer with snacks in (like me) now would be a good chance to check some dates on items gathered there for god knows how long.



8. Washing up

Always a good excuse to get away from your desk for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. We don't have many people in the office so washing up usually happens when one is free. You could start washing up the cups and plates especially after lunch break when there's more and then maybe move on to tidying the kitchen cupboards up, this can lead on to emptying bins and to push it further, emptying the shredder at the same time. 


9. Reading 

In my line of work rules and regulations change almost monthly, I can go to so many websites to download the 'latest changes', print them off and update my knowledge. Any future questions asked I can be the first to put my hand up. I'll let you into a little secret, I have a folder I made from the first day I started my job and it's kept beside me at all times, it is filled with everything I need including these new updates. When I have a spare 10 minutes I read through it and take out what is not needed and replace with new. 


10. Restocking stationary 

This is the same as tidying up your desk, you know you've used that last paper clip and keep forgetting to pop to the stationary cupboard, now you're in a rush to use one, and there's not one available. Skip to that important cupboard and stock up. It's always the minor things like the paperclips, rubber bands and even pens. I overfill my pot with pens because they always seem to go missing. Oh what about envelopes too, you've lent one or two out over the last few weeks and now you need one yourself, but alas, your drawer is empty, moral of the story, pass these wise words onto your colleagues. 


Have you ever fallen asleep at your desk? 


What is the most embarrassing thing you've been caught doing at your desk?

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2 years ago

Good post. I agree that coffee & conversation as well as exercise does help to keep one from falling asleep.

2 years ago

Hi, thank you for your comments, yes caffeine is the way forward

2 years ago

Good tips, some people need these ideas 😄

2 years ago

Yes including myself haha. I'm glad you enjoyed reading