Good & Bad in 2021

Published on 30 December 2021 at 15:50


I can not honestly believe we have reached this moment so fast, the end of 2021 already. It has flown by so very quickly, so I thought I would send the year off with one last post and share with you events from my year. 



In September I celebrated driving for 20 years. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was also my Grandad's birthday and I remember my Nan informing me that he must have been with me, willing me to pass and giving me his blessing, that made my day extra special and a date I wouldn't forget. But 20 years, it's just flown by. I even remember the route I drove that morning for my test. 



In April I went live with my blog, that decision was one of the best I made this year. With so many ideas I was really eager to start and I jumped right in with no research or advice from anyone. So on the spot learning has been required and my experience is growing with my confidence hopefully starting to show now too. I am still really enjoying creating my own content and have many ideas still to come. 


I do have an exciting new change to my blog site all ready to release in 2022, so watch this space. 



We managed to get away for a few days in the summer and best of all to the beach too. Quite a few healthy days away in August that made all the difference to our wellbeing, smiles and relaxation all around. This was followed by plenty of road trips with stays overnight and taking in beautiful sight seeing spots that took my breath away.



Family reunion 

In June we welcomed a visit from family members who we had lost contact with for many years. It was really lovely to have a well overdue catch up, time is short and every moment is precious, so spend it with those who appreciate it. We laughed a lot and have kept in touch ever since, it was definitely one of the best days of this year.


Photo from Unsplash


Wasp sting

I have been stung before by a bee when I was younger but I don't remember much about it. But this time, it was a wasp and boy did I freak out. One because it was a complete shock and two because it happened while I was driving. My mum was sitting next to me and we had the windows open, it literally thudded so hard against my chest I instantly knew what it was. It then stung me and continued down my top, I had to pull over, and get the thing out of my top before it stung me more, I literally fell out of the car and in the middle of the road, lifting my top up showing my bra off to passerbys! Doing all this screaming at the same time too of course. My mum jumped out of the car too but we laugh now, she didn't come to my rescue. Anyway I drove her home and immediately put some soothing cream on it. It hurt for the rest of the afternoon but the next day thankfully it had gone down.


Photo from Unsplash



My poor daughter is going through a real rough time at her new school. It's so hard to see it and not be able to do anything to make it all disappear. As a parent I am in contact with the school on daily occasions and I know they are doing all they can, but you just can not control what is said by nasty children. It has an effect on home life and really breaks down her confidence sometimes. So besides all the niceties I try to do for her, going into school Monday through to Fridays is really tough. It's been quite a bain of our year unfortunately. 


Death of a loved one

In January I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend, he was like a second dad to me and being so close to the family made it all feel unbearable. It was also quite a shock to me, he contracted Covid and was in hospital for a few weeks before. The funeral was held on a dull and cold morning with only minimal numbers there and I was so honoured to have been invited. He deserved a much bigger send off but this is the time we live in now. Miss you so much second Daddy x


Welcome to Toffee

In March my daughter and I welcomed a hamster named Toffee into our home, who since then has managed to escape 3 times from her cage, got stuck down the sofa twice and eaten an entire bag of food that we stupidly left on top of her cage one night, yes you could say we are trying to learn from our mistakes, but little Toffee has been great for our home for a couple of reasons, she has been something for my daughter to take her mind off a bad day at school and she's also quite entertaining. Most evenings we would sit there just mesmerised by her running on her wheel or how she stores food in her cheeks and hides it in her little bed.



And that's just some events over the year shared, I love looking back at photos taken over 12 months. I find I forget some of the small things sometimes. 


Have a lovely New Year and I'll catch you all in 2022


J x

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2 years ago

What an eventful year it has been! Wow, congrats on driving for 20yrs!! I personally just completed my second year 😅 though mother telling me stories of how stressed she was for her tests and crazy things just kept happening for her to fail because of said stress.. she did ended up getting it mere months before I was born!
Talking about the wasp bite while driving.. I remember we were taking a drive all three of us with my parents, dad driving the windows down. Out of nowhere something struck him on the head, like a pebble — I kid you not, it was a wasp! 🤣 she flew in and with the full speed of the car and all.. she hit my dad’s head and we found her body on the ground. A confused moment for him, but so hilarious at the same time.

Starting a blog is such a ride- but a good one 🥰 especially when you find your peers and start making friends. The first few posts are usually horrible and cringy, but eventually you find your voice and really have fun writing them!

I wish you a happy 2022! Xx

2 years ago

Happy New year Kristina.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories here I know I shouldn't have but I did chuckle hearing your dad's confused reaction to the Wasp. I completely it, they really do thud against us.