7 days of lipstick

Published on 13 November 2021 at 15:24


I never wear makeup, personally I can't be bothered with the effort nor the reasoning behind why I feel I should have too. So, with this in mind I am a good lady to locate maybe the best lipsticks available right now to trial and express my thoughts. 


It's great though as everybody is different and everyone has opinions on makeup. But it's not for me, a hint of mascara and a light shade of lip gloss is the wildest I will go on a night out. 


So how many applications do you have to put on during a whole day? What colours suit me etc. Here goes:-


Day 1 - Rimmel

I wore this lipstick for a night out, I applied it at the beginning of my evening and did not reapply at all! I didn't need to, it stayed in full colour all night long! I was sipping several drinks (yes it was a long crazy night out) and it did not fade. I was so impressed by it, that I think it will become my favourite lipstick for a night out from now on, it's changed my opinion. £6.99 from Boots it's called Hollywood Red and also has a sweet smell which is quite pleasant. The colour just popped all night long. My score 10/10.



Day 2 - Revolution 

I put this on for a day out, it survived eating, drinking and even the kiss test.  The colour was slightly fading by the time the day came to an end. May have needed a second application but it wasn't all necessary beings as you could still see I had pink on. This was £5.00 named Cutie from Superdrug. I thought the lips on top of the gold casing was a cute idea and I would use this lipstick again. 

My score 8/10.



Day 3 - Primark - cosmic wish

Costing £2.00 I absolutely loved this colour. Not too dark and not very noticeable but it was the glimmer that won me over, I wore this for work and would definitely wear it again. I did have to reapply but I didn't mind that because I was so excited by the glimmer.  My score 9/10.



Day 4 - Maybelline 

The colour is called Galactic Mauve and I absolutely loved it. The sparkle on the lips came right through, it glided on well and felt really smooth. The cover was great with one application. The cost was £7.99. Applying it in the morning unfortunately by the time lunch time came round the colour had faded and a second application was needed. I would wear this again though because I fell in love with the sparkle. 

My score 7/10.



Day 5 - Max Factor

This one is called bewitching coral, a lovely pinkish colour. I put this on at the beginning of my day for a family bbq, the colour stayed on amazingly well having gone through numerous drinks and eating a lot. I did not need to reapply another coat. At £8.99 from Boots it was the most expensive one I purchased. 

My score 8/10.



Day 6 - MUA

Ok this lipstick was one I had been putting off if I'm honest, it's a darker colour than the rest so I was a bit sceptical about it. However, I was informed it looked nice on me so I'll take that as a win. As it was a 'no hiding nothing'' colour I struggled a little putting this on. It's like it almost needed a lip liner first because I had to concentrate on getting the edging right. I went out for a meal to put it through a proper test and it survived. It was £2.50 from Superdrug and aptly named Survivor.  My score is 8/10.



Day 7 - Avon

It's called Heart Breaker, it was £5.00. Again I was a bit worried about wearing this one. This colour is so far away from my normal go to, (pink or barely nothing) that I saved this for a momentous occasion, a Halloween party. I felt this was the only time this dark colour would be acceptable for me. It stayed on only for a few hours though, the drinking might have rubbed it off.  My score 7/10.



Not being a big fan of lipsticks, I actually enjoyed putting this together. I hope this has helped you also.

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3 years ago

Who would think that the Primark lipstick would get such a high score. 9/10 over Avon, Max Factor and Maybelline.

3 years ago

Absolutely, the Primark lipstick was just beautiful. A couple of the others actually wore off after abit too

Transatlantic Notes
3 years ago

I love how you get right to the review as this really helps me figure out which one of these I'd try out -- thanks for sharing! Molly | transatlanticnotes.com

3 years ago

Hey Molly, absolutely no messing around. Thanks for the comments, I'm glad I could be of assistance