My Halloween summed up

Published on 1 October 2021 at 09:27

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Welcome to my Halloween all summed up. Just small tips to help you through this spooky time:



If you are holding a small gathering this year (as allows us too) here are a few ideas keeping within the Halloween theme:


Crumpets from asda

Chilli chicken dippers from Iceland

Mummy doughnuts from M&S

Chocolate and orange muffins from Tesco


Makeup & costumes


This is a picture of me all made up a few years ago to go to a family Halloween party. I got numerous compliments that night and I actually felt good about myself too. Here's a quick rundown of how I did my makeup:

  • White powder all over my face and neck. Not forgetting a bit on the ears too. 
  • Darken the eyelids, eye socket and under the eyes too with some brown eyeshadow
  • I brushed some of the brown on my cheek bones and also some in places on the face to make a bruise effect. 
  • I bought some red fake blood and used a brush to create blood stains on parts of my face and neck.


I decided I didn't want to do the usual witch costume and went for a zombie nun. The costume came with a cross to wear and the blood stains on it. Available on Amazon. Personally I think the costume makes a party, kids love dressing up so when the whole family is experiencing it together it means more.  I try to be something different every year and that way when you look back at pictures it'll be nice to remember that particular year or party. My favourite place to start a costume search is Amazon, available in all childrens sizes and adults too.



Pumpkins & candy


Straight from my daughter's mouth, chocolate and haribo sweets are the best things that she likes to see in the bucket at the end of the evening. It seems to be a thing with the kids I've been with at the end of a trick or treat night to count how many sweets they've got. The more they have the happier they feel. 


I love this deal available on amazon, a great idea to buy either for gifting them away or a party you might be planning:


Pumpkin picking: we have some local farms and a few farm shops nearby, and it's quite an exciting moment choosing your pumpkin to take home. Most pumpkin patches make your visit magical, with pitched up coffee & tea vans and some entertainment for the children too. Rock up, collect a wheelbarrow and pick your pumpkin, quite straight forward. Ever tried pumpkin pie? I haven't and I'm not sure I can be tempted either.



Nail art

Here are a couple of my nail art pictures, I do love creating these.  Nail art can make a great extension of your costume or maybe just wearing them in the lead up to Halloweeen itself.



This Sally Hanson crackle coat polish is the best thing I have ever bought, I bring this out every Halloween, it's so great.  First apply a coat of white nail polish, let it dry and simply add a layer of the crackle coat over it, this is the results:



Scary movies 

I don't watch those horror movies like I know others can, they'd put them on as easy as I would a rom com. Me, I'm scared of the dark so I wouldn't scare myself for the sake of it. But it's Halloween and I have watched these four films and would recommend them too:


  • the Invisible Man - 2020 available on Prime
  • I See You - 2019 available on Netflix 
  • What lies beneath - 2000
  • The Descent - 2005


I wish you all a good Halloween, may the ghoulies not bother you too much. 


What's the evening like in your house? All dressed up or closing the curtains and hiding away from it all? Let me know x

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Her Digital Coffee
3 years ago

Lovely post! I love the food ideas and the makeup looks great! I remember crackle nail polish! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that the next time I go shopping!

The Descent is a great movie, it scares me every single time. Thanks for sharing your Halloween post!

3 years ago

Aww thank you. Yes I agree the Descent scared me too. I didn't watch the second one haha x

3 years ago

Great story. I love reading about holidays in different countries I also like seeing the different food packages. I agree with you about Haribo. Delicious. My kids love dressing up for Halloween. Over here, I like the fire pit and have cider for the kids and beers for the adults. My kids love watching the old Halloween movies (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) It’s fun. P.S. You really should try pumpkin pie.

3 years ago

Hiya, I'm so fussy when it comes to food and trying new stuff. It's not appealing to me though unfortunately.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful time around the fire pit for Halloween x