Fidget Toys craze

Published on 24 May 2021 at 17:16

The next craze maybe? I have only known about these from my daughter. They are currently not available to buy from all shops. Which is weird because a craze is normally everywhere! 


Fidget toys are predominantly played with as part of the sensory learning. Some are designed as brain teasers and some for anxiety relief. They appeal to all genders and research has found them to be incredibly useful for classroom learning.  That child whose attention span is short, can use the fidget toys to help them overcome their anxiety and to calm movements.


There is alot to choose from. You will find them on Amazon mainly. Have a look, you will be surprised. My daughter has a few of them. You remember when Fidget spinners were big? We have a lot of them around the house somewhere. I don't think I quite understood them back then. But now there is the pop n flip. Little circles that make a click sound, it's quite simple. This one is used for stress relief and I have even caught myself popping those circles while watching TV, it's very satisfying.


Another I recently bought was the rainbow ball. It's very similar to the rubik’s cube. I mix all the colours up and my daughter enjoys putting them back to the correct coloured hole. I time her which adds more fun. 


We have them because all her friends are collecting them, but I can really see the benefits to their design. Each one is unique to a different development. 


For a further look at other sensory toys use


Do you think these are a good idea or just another distraction?

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