'I Love You', Worthless?

Published on 7 May 2021 at 19:02

Those three little words, but how often do you say or hear it? Whether it be to your partner or children, pet or parents, I think they mean a lot.

In the majority of relationships, saying it, happens daily and more than once too. But others were questioning if the words start to lose their meaning. Is it just something that rolls off the tongue and you don't have the feeling behind it? I do understand that questioning, but hearing them can instantly brighten your mood, make you smile and feel cherished.


There are those who believe in ‘actions speak louder than words’.  This is also true, receiving flowers, your favourite chocolate bar or a foot massage from your loved one are physical gestures, and mean more to some people. Some couples don't celebrate valentines day purely because they already know they are loved and a card or fluffy bear being received isn't required. 



What does I love you really mean? Sometimes when you're in a moment it can truly mean just that. The romantic part that knows love for that person comes from the bottom of their heart. Other times it can mean that you are letting your partner know you are there for them.  It can mean attraction and pure feelings towards another.



Love is growing together and overcoming obstacles with each other.  It is opening your heart to another and sharing moments.  It's an intense feeling in a good way but it's also complex.


According to data in 2020 men take on average 3 months to say I love you. How long did you take to say those words to your partner? 


Did you know there are other ways to say I love you? For example 'I'm crazy about you' or even 'you're my partner in crime'.



A good suggestion from a friend was that taking the mickey out of each other is also a way to remind that person they are special to them.  Laughing together over small things, remembering that one funny time when some off-the-cuff remark was made by your Partner and you howled for days about it after.


It doesn't matter how often or even when we say it, you've got chemistry with someone and you're happy. So let those words run wild and say it as much as you can.

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Emma James
3 years ago

Wonderful reading, I think it took my partner about 7 months to say those words, & you're right about lovingly teasing them, I never let him forget the time I sent him out for apple sauce & he returned with baby food "it's the same stuff isn't it?" No sweetie, close, but just no.