Bot Obsessed

Published on 20 April 2021 at 16:49

I am talking about the eco friendly shopping deliveries.  I am just enthralled by them.  I think they are really cute and amazing.  They travel to your door on their own from the shop, how cool is that? 


Originally designed for ease and convenience during lock down, the demand for them has grown.  Owned by Starship Technologies, they are a marvel to how technology really is the key to the future.


Having now used them myself more times than I can count, I think the process is very simple. You have to download the Starship app first, entering your postcode to see where your nearest shop would be and order your shopping.  Currently the co-op is where you will find them.  It's their home, awwww.  Now added are Tesco, Iceland and some local restuarants.


The app allows you to track where your bot is throughout its journey to you, gives you instructions on how to unlock it to access your shopping and also tells you how to send it back on its way.


I believe they rolled the idea out across Milton Keynes first and Northampton was up next.  I'm not sure if they are elsewhere in the UK yet but I think this is a superb idea.  They are not a danger to us drivers, they stop at traffic lights and all roads thanks to their 360 degree awareness and 10 cameras on board.


I am more than likely the dangerous one, as I can't concentrate on driving as well as ogling at them just rolling along the pavement.


They talk to you to say thank you when you have received your shopping and waiting at traffic lights they actually ask for someone to press the button so it can cross, how cool.


I have not read any bad reviews as yet.  Do you have one?  Have you encountered the bot yet?


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Jessica Ferrar
3 years ago

Wow I had no idea this was a thing. I’m probably living under a rock 😄

Kath Cassar
3 years ago

Me either I had no idea....I’m so following this blog good luck Janette 🥰🥰

Simply Alex Jean
3 years ago

I haven't seen one yet, but I've heard lots about them. It really does sound like such a unique way to tackle delivery!

3 years ago

They are just brilliant, a little world of their own plodding along. I particularly like the way they interact with the customer upon arrival too