Games I am obsessed with on my phone

Published on 16 June 2023 at 10:27


So, here I am on my day off, looking at the ironing pile, the washing up and the dirty floor, thinking 'just 5 minutes play on this game and I'll crack on'.... Time had just disappeared! Nothing has been done and I now need to go and do my school run… Oops! 


I'm not sure if it's the same for many people but I do play quite a few games on my phone. I download them from my Playstore app but then I'm hooked, some games will tempt me in and keep me there too. 


I will share with you some of my most favourite apps that I am currently entertaining myself with right now:


Match 3D

This is 100% my go to game right now! Every opportunity is spent losing myself playing it, with loads of levels, points to gain and a race against time, this game has it all. You have to match two items the same against the timer, which can vary from 2 minutes to 14 minutes depending on the level. If you have completed all the matches before your time has run out, you will gain stars which contribute to a freebie for the game. On some of the levels you will meet either a devil who can take time off that level or add more items to your level, or an angel can appear who will add time or add stars. 


I do seriously recommend downloading this one, I am addicted.



Sort Puz

I play this game quite a lot when I am parked up waiting for my daughter to come out of school. It is a straightforward logic game with not so many rewards. But I can easily lose myself in it. 


Each level is different with certain amounts of tubes filled with many colours. You have to organise pairing the correct colours together in a spare tube. It sounds easy doesn't it? It isn't when you only have one spare tube and 8 different colours to separate. Sometimes you can only go so far before realising this isn't going to work out, but alas, there is a hint button to help you work out your next move, unfortunately that comes with a price… Adverts!



Bridge Race

Another of my favourites right now. This one is fun, a race against others and very interesting to not fall off the edge of platforms! You need to collect all your coloured items to build steps up to the next platform and along the way are obstacles of course, just to make it trickier. You can even choose your own character. Each level you will end up with left over items, which contribute to building a castle. This is another simple game, the levels are over quickly, however each time you complete the building of your castle, another item is selected. So far, I've collected books, lipsticks and even pizzas. You will be able to pick up the knack for cheeky game play moves too, such as knocking opponents off the platform or stealing their staircase they've spent ages building.



Goods Match

This one is about matching 3 items against a timer. It's quite addictive and as one level ends, you're quickly thrown into the next. You are not collecting anything here, there is no real challenge but it's very immersive. Losing track of time has happened to me all too often playing it.



Bingo holiday 

I am really enjoying playing this game right now. I am a big fan of bingo and this is my little daily supplement. I joined the 'world tour' part of the app, where there are items to collect that contribute towards a new level for different countries. I started in New York and now I am in Bali, boy I wish that was real life! And just like in a real game, frustration is definitely at the heart of it. You can play either one card, two cards or four cards depending on how many coins you have. Each time you get a bingo in your game, you will collect more items or coins. It is one of my favourites at the moment, a little bingo before bed is my motto. Don't worry it's not real! No real money involved and you can even join as a guest too.



Golf Clash

Golfing isn't something I am generally interested in myself, but I quite enjoy playing on this specific app. Play and win against an opponent to earn coins. There are bigger and longer tournaments, as you get more experienced later in the game and see your place on the Board rise to the top. There are different size clubs and golf balls available to earn with the more coins you receive. While in play you can even send emojis to your opponent. It's quite a good feeling when you win, watching as the computer takes coins off of them and adds it to your bank. Yes that's right, it works both ways too! If you lose a game, coins will be deducted from you.



Twisted Tangle

With this app, there are small twisted ropes that you have to untangle. There are some obstacles in the way, the further you get into the levels. Unfortunately though, this game has no purpose. There is no end and no rewards. It's purely a satisfying feeling when the tangles are freed. But you can upgrade your ropes and currently I am playing with sparkling ropes, they're quite cute.



My annoyance 

Grrrrr my only annoyance with playing these games is the constant interruption of adverts. It's the lack of variety of the adverts too, I can get something advertising about 10 times in a row, I feel like they're torturing me rather than helping me to download something new! It's a shame I can not do anything about them. 


I hope you have felt inspired by this post? And if nothing else, you know what I do with most of my spare time now. 


Do you have a favourite phone game? 


Are you more of a logic/puzzle gamer or a simple/bide your time gamer?

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a year ago

I love playing games on my phone , I don't play any of these, I do have a few favourite's which are Homescapes, Gardenscapes and Matchington mansion, I can get lost in my phone playing those for hours at a time.

a year ago

Yes Diana, you're right, I don't know where the minutes go either. I haven't played those games but I see them advertise alot

a year ago

I love a good video game or game in general. My hand ete coordination is horrible though so i usually stick to watching.

a year ago

I do have to be in the right mind frame to play I will admit that. Thanks for reading