Recommended breakfast stops in Northampton

Published on 28 April 2023 at 09:05

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is good for both physical and mental reasons. Our bodies have had a period of overnight starvation so to speak, this first meal of the day breaking that cycle and replenishing our glucose levels. So you can start the day with plenty of energy. 


I don't have breakfast in the mornings, I know it's naughty! But I find I am so peckish by about 10 am in the mornings without it, that I end up snacking on crap foods instead. It just goes to show how important that first meal really is.  On the weekends I tend to eat it more, not rushing around prior to work meaning more time to concentrate and enjoy, so this is when I treat myself too, going out to my favourite places as much as I can.


Let me set out below my highly recommended list of breakfast stops in Northampton:


The Shed Cafe - NN3 9EX

Actually based in a cute well built shed located in the Billing Garden Centre. Serving home made cakes, full English breakfasts, hot and cold drinks and even pie, mash and gravy. The atmosphere here is perfect, with touches of home placed on the wall and the tables, the staff are so welcoming and I highly recommend the breakfast here. We particularly thought the bacon and sausages were delicious, sourced locally too. 


There are alot of breakfast options here including any baps or baguettes you like, toast and even omelets.



Poppy fields, Duston 

This family restaurant has been visited more times by me than I care to share. One price for a ‘help yourself’ English breakfast and refillable teas/coffee. As much bacon, mushrooms, sausages and eggs, either scrambled or fried, you can have them all. There is a cute indoor play area for little kids and an outside patio area, great to sit out there and enjoy the second cup of coffee just like I do.  The restaurant is part of the Farmhouse Inns found in many towns across the UK. Head to your local, now!



The Drovers Return - NN4 9UW

You will find this cafe in Hunsbury Hill, open 7 days a week and is also dog friendly. This cosy cafe finds itself among a lovely walking trail and a play park. Just earlier this year the cafe was listed in Northampton's top 15 best cafes. Full English breakfasts, sandwiches and jacket potatoes are all available here for a reasonable price. In the summer you can sit outside and there is an on site toilet for customers also.



Ryan's cafe - NN3 6JR

Located in Boothville, breakfast wraps, smoked bacon rolls and breakfast paninis are all on offer here. Milkshakes, home baked cakes and even afternoon teas are available too. This cafe has a lovely atmosphere with friendly staff, seating out the front and in the back garden, the food is of high quality.



The Courtyard Creperie - Pitsford A508

Fancy something different? Then this is the place to stop. A little unknown place to go while situated in the beautiful countryside. They do most fillings for your crepe, from the usual sugar and lemon to strawberries and cream. Vegan options are available too. And it's such a cute van which you can hire for most events. They are based on this particular spot most Sundays.



Thank you for reading, although I am sure this post has made you quite tempted for something to eat now? Enjoy.


What makes a good breakfast? 


What is your favourite go to?

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Lanae Bond
a year ago

The sweeter breakfast looks very yummy.

a year ago

I feel you have a sweet tooth just like me Lanae? But yes they are good, it's nice to have a change.

Transatlantic Notes
a year ago

Breakfast is pretty much my favourite meal of the day and I LOVE going somewhere special to eat it every now and then. These places sound incredible! Molly |

a year ago

It certainly is more enjoyable on special occasions, it all makes me feel happy haha. Thanks for commenting

a year ago

Such a great post! These places sounds like a great spot to visit and the pictures of the food, welll they had me drooling. Great job! keep up the great work.

a year ago

Thank you so much Matt! Lovely of you to say, thanks for reading

Fadima Mooneira
a year ago

Wow... These breakfast stops look awesome. I’ll be sure to visit them if I travel to Northampton. Thank you for sharing.

a year ago

They sure are, felt good to share my recommendations. Thanks for commenting

Nic's Adventures
a year ago

Thanks for sharing, these breakfast spots in Northampton, all look like great places to visit, for breakfast :)

a year ago

Thank you for reading