Quick facts about Libra starsign

Published on 22 September 2022 at 17:57


It is now the month where the star sign Virgo ends and Libra begins. I was born on 5th October and I am a proud Libra. But what do you know about the star sign? I have put together some fun facts for you to hopefully get to know us better. 


  • Libra is the 7th astrological sign in the zodiac starting from the 23rd September and ending on 22nd October. 


  • Our symbol is based on the Scales of Justice held by Themis, the Greek personification of law and custom. 


  • The element known for a Libra is Air. There are four elements altogether: water, fire and earth. Air is represented by the sky and the winds. 


  • Their ruling planet is Venus


Below is some important information about a typical Libra:


They have a sincere love for something involving creativity, music, painting or design. They are independent, harmonious and selfless, always putting themselves last. A Libra will know how to read others emotions and feelings.



With the scales being our star sign we search for balance therefore valuing an equal amount of give and take in any friendship or relationship, with this in mind we will see both sides of a story and are quite unsure which side to pick, making decisions being our downfall. Wanting to avoid conflict at all costs make us the Kings and Queens of compromise. 


We quite often don't want to come across as annoying so you will not get a text first from a Libra. Their bad moods however may emit as aggressive but no one can calm down a Libra other than themselves. A Libra will have a hard time letting their guards down. 


Libras are more compatible with other Air signs such as Gemini and Aquarius. They absolutely love unusual, new situations and thrive from excitement, so a great soulmate can be matched in a Scorpio. 


They are also full of surprises, no one can be shocked when a Libra suggests something out of the ordinary, on the other hand they can be a bit lazy, but this is to their own strengths as they know how to reserve energy for when it is needed the most.



And that's my wrap up, I hope you can now understand further your wacky Libra colleague or your lazy Libra uncle a bit better now. 


Do you have an interest in horoscopes? 


Do your Libra friends and family resemble any of these qualities?

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Lisa | Mind and Body Intertwined
5 days ago

I loved this! I must admit I don’t usually believe in astrology, but it’s scary how accurate it often is.

Campo Jac
5 days ago

Great insight. I have quite a few libra friends 🙌

4 days ago

I find horoscopes very interesting and love how some people just fit their mold of there's so perfectly! I'm a typical Virgo, through and through!